More of Sherrie's Story

Life and death are in the power of our words and thoughts. What we speak becomes self-fulling prophecy. Some science reports that we have 60,000 conversations with ourselves everyday. Other reports says that as much as 80% are negative. There is one thing we all have in common. We all have impossible situations and we all fight the negative.

My impossible was facing the red devil. Standing just inside the gates of hell, I met the roaring breath of fear. My heart quivered and my boots shook. I had to make a decision. The thought of turning and running came to my mind. But, I recognized the fear, the negative, the impossible for trying to stop me.

I rose up, took a breath of determination and kicked in that door and waving my nozzle in every direction and soon the fire went out. 

I put out that massive fire only to be standing in the darkness. I felt alone. You always feel alone in the midst of smoke, heat and far-reaching darkness. It's just you and the sound of your heart beating and the air moving through your mask with a Darth Vader quality. 

You feel your way around corners and up and down ladders, taking cautious steps into blackness, not a pinprick of light anywhere. Each step is a step of courage and faith. The hellish temperatures test resolve and determination. But darkness, that test faith.

A moment in time can change your impossible. Sometimes it’s a split second choice. The wink of an eye and the opportunity to win is lost. What is your impossible? What is stopping you today from that victory tomorrow? We all have that pivot point where its do or die. When the impossible rears its ugly head, look at it. Recognize it. Declare victory with your words and actions. I learned in firefighting that bravery is not the absence of fear, but the action we take in the face of fear.

Pushing through whatever pain, fear or darkness is required. It's what separates the winner from the losers. The first ingredient of your miracle is YOUR impossible situation.